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Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats

BMR Goats are 100% CAE Free, CL Free, and G6S Normal. We are taking reservations now for 2016 kids! Email Kathryn or call (928) 536-7759

Our 2016 Kidding Diary is happening now just below the Breeding Chart
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2016 Kidding Season

Senior Does

Due Date

Liberty Rose

Due January 24
(Pen Bred)
Kidded January 26
Singleton: 1 doe  1 doe retained $400


Due January 23
(Pen Bred)
Kidded January 30
Singleton: 1 doe 1 doe retained $600


Due March 8
Miscarried February 4
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 1 doe reserved $450

SG Reese

Due February 23
Kidded February 23
Triplets: 3 does! 2 does reserved, 1 buck reserved $500

SG Victory

Due February 23
Kidded February 23
Triplets: 1 doe, 2 bucks 1 doe reserved, 1 buck reserved $450


Due February 25
Kidded February 23
Triplets: 3 bucks 1 doe reserved $450

SG Madeleine

Due February 25
Kidded February 23
Quads: 1 doe, 3 bucks  1 doe retained, 1 doe reserved $500

SG Kestrel

Due February 25
Kidded February 25
Twins: 2 bucks  1 doe retained, 1 doe reserved, 1 buck reserved $450


Due February 24
Kidded February 26
Singleton: 1 buck 1 doe retained, 1 buck reserved $500


Due March 1
Kidded February 29
Twins: 2 does 1 doeling available $400


Due March 1
Kidded February 29
Twins: 2 bucks 1 doe reserved $450


Due March 3
Kidded March 1
Quads: 3 does, 1 buck 1 doe retained $450

SG Melody

Due March 5
Kidded March 4
Quads: 1 doe, 3 bucks   $450

SG Betty

Due March 6
Kidded March 5
Triplets: 1 doe, 2 bucks   $450

SG Rosalee

Due March 9
Kidded March 8
Triplets: 3 does!   $500

SG Alchemy

Due March 7
Kidded March 8
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 1 doe retained, 1 buck reserved $500


Due March 11
Kidded March 10
Twins: 2 bucks 1 buck reserved $400

SG Opal

Due March 12
Kidded March 14
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 1 doe retained $500


Due April 7
Kidded April 4
Triplets: 3 bucks   $400

SG Cora

Due April 15
Kidded April 17
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck   $550

SG Carmella

Due April 14
Kidded April 18
Singleton: 1 doe 1 doe retained $500


Due June 20
Kidded June 14
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck   $400

Junior Does

(No reservations will be taken for registered bucklings out of Junior Does)
Due Date


Due January 24
(Pen Bred)
Kidded January 24
Quads: 4 does!   1 doe reserved $350


Due January 26
(Pen Bred)
Kidded January 26
 Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 2 does reserved, 1 buck reserved  $350

River Dance

Due January 21
(Pen Bred)
Kidded January 26
Singleton: 1 doe  1 doe reserved $300

River Song

Due January 26
(Pen Bred)
Kidded January 27
Triplets: 1 doe, 2 bucks  1 doe reserved $300


Due January 25
(Pen Bred)
Kidded January 27
Twins: 2 bucks 1 doe reserved  $300


Due April 13
Kidded April 11
Triplets: 2 does, 1 buck 1 doe reserved $300


Due April 13
Kidded April 14
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 1 doe reserved  $300


Due May 2
Kidded April 29
Twins: 2 bucks 1 doe reserved $300
Due May 2
Kidded May 2
Singleton: 1 doe 1 doe reserved $350


Due May 2
Kidded May 4
Singleton: 1 doe 1 doe reserved $350


Due May 11
Kidded May 8
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 1 doe reserved $300


Due May 18
Kidded May 8
Singleton: 1 doe 1 doe reserved $300

Beyond Brill

Due May 7
Kidded May 9
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 2 does reserved $300


Due May 14
Kidded May 12
Singleton: 1 doe 1 doe reserved $300
Due early June
(pen bred)
Kidded June 14
Twins: 1 doe, 1 buck 1 doe reserved $400

Kathryn's 2016 Goat Kidding Diary

Kiddings will be listed below chronologically with the most recent first. To start at the earliest entry, click here.

Wrapping Up At Last

6/15/16 This has been the longest kidding season ever for us.  We generally like to kid out the senior does in March and the Junior’s in April.  But this year we started in January and didn’t end until June.  For the most part it went very well, but it will be good to sleep with both eyes closed!

We had 81 kids born and even though for a time it seemed like a buck year, we had 40 does born and 41 bucks – pretty close to 50-50.  The kids have mostly been healthy, active, and beautiful, the does doing great. We had 4 sets of quads, 8 sets of triplets, 16 sets of twins, and 9 singletons.

We have kept 8 of the kids for our herd development and sent kids across America from Alaska to Hawaii and many points in between.  Thanks to everyone that has shown faith in our herd and brought BMR goats into their lives.  We hope they bring you as much happiness as they bring to us.

Jubilee Makes Us Jump


6/14/16 Jubilee was pen bred but we thought her due date would be June 20th.  I was concerned since the temperatures around that time were predicted to be over 100 degrees.  But yesterday Jubilee’s milk seemed to be coming in a little, so I had hope that she would kid early and avoid the extreme heat.

Today her milk was in more and her rump starting to loosen, but when I checked her at evening milking I didn’t feel that she was close enough to kidding that I needed to keep an eye on her. I was wrong.

At 11 PM I thought I heard Brittany fussing.  She had kidded earlier in the day.  But then I heard both Brittany fussing AND this other moaning sound.  That sound was right outside my bedroom window.  I jumped out of bed and yelled to David, who was still in the office, that we had trouble of some kind. The thought that Jubilee was kidding never entered my mind. 

We ran out and David found Jubilee under the back deck.  David yelled to me that Jubilee had a dead baby.  I went back inside for a flashlight and some shoes, and by the time I got back out David announced that the “dead baby” was now breathing and doing just fine.  David once again had worked his magic.

I moved Jubilee into the kidding pen, David brought in the resurrected, brown spotted 7.7# fella wrapped in his shirt.  Jubilee licked on her boy and checked out the food.  After a few minutes she laid down and pushed out a lovely 6.7# brown doeling in nose and toes position.

I brought out some molasses water and once Jubilee stood up I bounced her belly.  I was really expecting triplets, but I didn’t feel anyone else home.  I milked her out. She had made a very good amount of thick yellow colostrum to feed her babies. We look forward to having Jubilee join our milking crew.

This ends our 2016 kidding season – and what a good season it has been. 

Brexit for Brittany


6/14/16 When we did an ultrasound on Brittany we didn’t find that she was pregnant, so I sent in a blood test to double check.  It also showed that she was not pregnant.  However, as the months went by, Brittany kept growing wider and wider.  I did another ultrasound and - SURPRISE – we saw two babies growing inside of her.  In looking back over my records I found that I had not accounted for the time our clean-up buck, Knight, had spent with the girls.

Since it was a pen breeding we didn’t have an exact due date for Brit. So we watched, and waited.  For the last few nights I considered putting her into a kidding pen, but the blonde girl was very cooperative in staying in view of our Goat Cam so we let her stay with her buddies.

This morning I could see that the kids had dropped, Brittany’s milk was in, and ligaments loose.  At midday I put Brit in a kidding pen with her buddy, Ashley.  They snacked, fussed, slept, and begged for treats when anyone walked by.  At around 5 PM Brittany started into hard labor.  I move Ashley out and called David to have him bring some sanitizing wash water.

It didn’t take long before Brittany had a black doeling on the ground.  The girl came in nose and toes position but at an angle.  Usually the top of the kid head is closest to the top of the dam, but this girl was turned 90 degrees from that.  It didn’t seem to be a problem and she was pushed out quickly for a first freshener.  She was feisty and ready to walk away as soon as she was dried off. 

Brittany was lying on her side, stretched out and looking pretty silly, but she refused to move.  She started back into hard labor and I did a quick check to make sure all was well.  I felt a leg and a round thing.  The round thing was the crown of the kid’s head.  I guess the nose had missed the cervical opening and was now getting pushed around and back into the uterus.  I aligned the nose into the birth canal and out popped a brown buckling with white belly band.  Both kids weighed in at 6.2# and are very lively, good looking kids. 

Brittany continued to lie flat out on her side.  We finally had to coax her into a sternal position with treats, and then convince her that she could actually stand up.  First time mommas sometimes just don’t understand what just happened.  Once up, she chugged her molasses water and stood nicely to be milked – and begged for more treats.

Pretty Punctual Piper


5/12/16 Piper was due to kid on Saturday but due to us needing to be off the ranch that day I induced her to kid a few days early.  I timed the injections so that she would kid this afternoon.  Piper, however, had different ideas.

At 3 AM she started to sting some long, thin strands of mucus.  At 6 AM her water broke and she started pushing hard.  David and I were out feeding the kids in the next pen when that happened.  Very convenient! 

I cleaned up both Piper and myself and did a check in the birth canal to be sure the kid was lined up correctly.  It was, but the feet were even with the nose.  I pulled the legs forward to help streamline the birth.  Piper is a yearling so the birth canal was a bit tight.

Piper had a few pushing sessions and soon the 5.1# blonde doeling was born.  She was active and hungry.  Piper stood very well to be milked, drank some warm molasses water, and then took a long nap. The baby got weighed and fed, and David and I were only a few minutes late for milking.  Piper’s timing really could not have been better!

Brilliant Babies

Beyond Brilliant/Luke

5/9/16 Beyond Brilliant (nicknamed Red John or RJ... it’s a long story) has been very squirmy for over a week now.  She has been spending nights in the kidding pen just so that we could monitor her with the Goat Cam.  But her due date came and went.

Finally today around 9 AM, right before our dairy inspector arrived, RJ’s water broke.  RJ waited until our inspection was over and then entertained Inspector Holly by quickly producing twins.  First out was a 7.0# buckling in perfect nose and toes position.  That was nice since RJ had crawled into the kid house and it was a tight space.

That fella cleaned up quickly and he was ready to walk away when RJ pushed out her 5.6# daughter.  She came head first with both front legs folded back, but RJ didn’t have a problem getting her born.

The kids are sturdy and playful already, RJ milked a good amount of colostrum for a yearling from a very soft and supple udder.

Enchanter Has A Problem


5/8/16 Chant wasn’t due to kid until the 18th, but yesterday she started to string nasty looking brown mucus from her vulva.  I kept a sharp eye on her and put her in the kidding pen along with Arietta and Beyond Brill.  She fussed around then curled up and slept.

She spent today in the kidding pen.  As I was finishing up my afternoon chores and starting to get ready to milk the goats, I saw that Chant was moving into hard labor.  I radioed to David and he came out with some warm sanitizing wash water.

David held Chant still while I cleaned up her backside, cleaned me up, gloved up, lubricated up, and did a check inside the birth canal.  I assumed that the kid would be dead and wanted to be sure that it came in a good position, especially since Chant wasn’t fully loose in her ligaments yet.

I felt a tiny leg plus a head.  The head was not coming nose first.  It was turned to the side and tucked down.  I felt something odd and figured out that it was an ear.  The kid was obviously dead and not helping the birth at all.  It took a lot of maneuvering to get that head to align correctly.  I had to push it back into the uterus and reposition it into the birth canal.  Once that was done the front legs and head come out fairly easily.  The kid got stalled at that point and I could feel that the back legs were wrapped around the torso, which was still in the birth canal.  I pushed them back and out came the little dead doeling.

It was very sad that her kid had died earlier, but we are very glad that Chant is doing well.

Early Arietta


5/8/16 Yesterday was Beyond Brill’s due date but she wasn’t fully ready to kid. Last night I put her in a kidding pen anyway just to keep an eye on her. I also put her buddies, Arietta and Chant, in with her to keep her company. Evidently Arietta took it as a signal to download her kids early.

At midnight Arietta started pushing. David and I headed out to catch some babies. I did a quick check of the kid’s position. That caused Arietta to push even harder and very soon a 5.6# brown buckling with outrageous white belly band was born with one leg folded back along his body. David cleaned him up and I bounced Arietta’s belly. I felt another kid in there. I figured that it would take a bit of time for Arietta to move that kid into the birth canal and out into the world, so I went over to admire her little buckling.

Arietta started pushing again and before I could even make it the couple of feet back over to her, she had her 4.5# doeling born while still standing up. The black roan doeling, with dramatic white banding and splashes, landed in a wadded up mess. I grabbed her up and brought her over for David to clean. She was a bit frantic trying to breath, but David got her nose and mouth cleaned out and she settled right down.

I got Arietta a bucket of molasses water and cleaned up her teats to get her milked out. When I tried milking her I had to work on clearing some industrial strength plugs out of the teats. One side had a plug that was over an inch long! Once cleared, Arietta milked out beautifully. She will be a pleasure to have on our milking team.

Peaceful Afternoon


5/4/16 Peace looked fretful all day today.  She’d stand in one of the sheds and baby talk, then go lay down next to a buddy and squirm.  At 4 PM I put her into a kidding pen and grabbed a chair so that I could spend some time hanging out with her.  Before I even got comfortable, Peace laid down and went into hard labor.  I called David on the radio and he came out to assist.

I gloved up and checked the kid bubble that was coming out.  I just felt a head.  I had David hold Peace still while I cleaned up her backside, cleaned and lubed my gloved hands, and went in search of at least one leg. 

Peace is a yearling so her birth canal wasn’t nearly as roomy as the older girls’.  I had to push the head back into the uterus in order to do my exploring.  I found both front legs – they were folded up at the cervix.  I pulled one into the birth canal and thought I’d let Peace push out the kid like that.  But she was taking a break from pushing right then so I went ahead and pulled the second leg on into the birth canal also.

Once Peace resumed her pushing it was pretty simple for the 5.8# doeling to slide on out.  Peace loved licking on her new daughter, enjoyed her molasses water treat, and stood like a champ while I milked her out even though it was the first time in her life to be milked.

Working With BeeJay


5/2/16 All of our goats are friendly and love human attention, except BeeJay. BeeJay is a wild child, having been dam raised and not socialized (but that is a different story).  Due to her wild side, we wanted to be sure that BeeJay was in a kidding pen tonight to avoid trying to catch her in the middle of the night if she decided to kid then.  So after milking the does we went out to get her.  We found her in a shed already stringing birthing goo.

She was easier to catch than normal, I guess she was distracted by the strange thing that was happening.  Once she was in the kidding pen she was a bit freaked out but soon laid down and started into hard labor.  Very quickly she pushed out a gorgeous 6.5# black doeling with white splashes.  She came head first with one leg folded back.

BeeJay stood nicely to be milked – which was a pleasant surprise.  She cleaned quickly and was back out with her buddies just a few hours after we found her in the shed.  Gotta love quick and easy kiddings!

Clarisse Becomes A Milker


4/29/16 Yesterday Clarisse’s milk was in and the ligaments around her tail head were somewhat loose.  I decided not to put her in a kidding pen because the pen was being used to house some young kids and the wind was blowing so hard that I didn’t want to evict them in order to make room for Clarisse.

However, at 1 AM I saw on the Goat Cam that Clarisse was starting to string mucus.  David and I headed out to move the kids into a different area and moved in a dog house for them.  It was nice that the wind had died down.  I put Clarisse and her buddy, Peace, in the pen and went back to bed, though I did keep an eye on the Goat Cam Monitor.

At 2 AM I saw that Clarisse was in hard labor – without making a sound.  David and I headed out again.  Clarisse had a nose and a hoof already pushing out.  I pulled the leg out further to help streamline the deliver and soon the 6.8# buckling was born. 

While Clarisse licked on her baby, I milked her out and got her some molasses water. I had bounced Clarisse’s belly after the first kid was born and could feel a second kid.  So we waited. It snowed. We were cold. After about 45 minutes Clarisse started pushing again.  I had debated checking the kid position earlier but decided not to since I don’t like being invasive and Clarisse seemed to be doing a good job, but in this case I wish I’d done it.

As a kid started to emerge neither David nor I could figure out what the part was that was starting to show.  David held Clarisse steady while I checked it out.  It was a head, but it was tipped off to the side and it was upside down.  I lubed up some more and went in deeper to see if I could rotate the kid and find at least one front leg.

The legs were folded at the knees so I manipulated one in order to unfold it plus I rotated the kid.  I was pretty sure by then that the kid was dead, and once Clarisse finished pushing him out it was quite obvious that he had died earlier.  The placentomes or “snaps” that hold the kid’s side of the placenta to the mom’s side came out still attached to the birth sack.   With those having detached too early from the mom’s uterus there was no way that the little buckling could survive.

Clarisse is looking very small after delivering her boys, but she is already enjoying her new role as a BMR milker.

Waiting On Carmella


4/18/16 We knew that Carly wasn’t carrying a huge load of kids, but I was hoping for twin doelings.  Instead Carly held her pregnancy 4 days past her due date while growing a singleton monster of a doe kid.

Just after evening milking I grabbed a glass of wine and went to hang out with Carly since she was in the kidding pen stringing mucus and getting ready to download.  She dug a pit at my feet, then went over and lay in some straw.  Pretty quickly she started into hard labor.  I called David on the radio and he came out to help.

Soon a hoof appeared and it was a big hoof.  I checked to be sure that the kid was in good position since it was obviously a big baby coming through.  I found both feet and pulled them forward of the head which was already in the birth canal.  Amazingly quickly (considering the size of the kid) out came a beautiful smoky brown 9.0# doeling with brown ears.  She is stunning.

Carly wasn’t a fan of what had just happened, but she stood nicely and milked out a good amount of rich colostrum -  a lot for feeding to her big daughter plus some for the freezer.

It will be great to have Carly back on the milk line plus we are excited to be keeping this doeling in our herd.

I'm pretty sure that if we'd done an ultrasound on Carly right before she kidded it would have looked like our milking parlor stencil of a pregnant doe with oversized kid inside.

Cora Kids


4/17/16 Cora has been eating non-stop for weeks now.  She looked huge with her pregnancy and I expected her to have quads like she did last year.  Cora’s due date came and went and she continued eating – until today.

Cora was in the kidding pen last night and all today, mostly sleeping.  Tonight around 8 PM I saw on the Goat Cam that she was starting into hard labor.  I cleaned up, gloved up, lubed up and checked inside her birth canal to be sure the kid was in a good position.  I felt a head.  I reached in just a bit further and found a front leg which I pulled forward.  The 6.5# doeling came out quickly.  David worked to clean her up but mentioned that she wanted to hold her head at an odd angle.

Cora started pushing again and I checked the birth canal.  Again I felt just a head, a very big head.  I pulled a very big leg forward to help streamline the birth.  Soon a whopping big 10# boy was born.

Once the boy was breathing well, David continued working with the doeling.  She seemed to have some sort of neurological issue.  Her eyes were twitching, she had no strength in her legs, and she really wanted to bend her neck backwards so that her poll spot almost touched her backbone.

We worked with the poor doeling for a day, but she showed no signs of recovering from whatever was wrong and she was getting weaker.  We finally made the sad decision to euthanize her. 

Cora’s half-grown buckling is doing great. He weighs almost 4 times what Ashlee's little buckling weighed - so that is sort of like having quads...

Ambitious Abby


4/14/16 Abby has looked terrible for the last month or so.  She is one of those girls that does a lot of homework before kidding.  Her rump was sunken in and loose, her legs were woggly.  The only sign missing that she would kid soon was that she hadn’t made an udder.  That had me a bit worried.  But this morning I saw that she had finally put that piece of the puzzle together and, WOW, what a very nice udder she had made!   

Around 9 AM I saw that she was starting to string mucus from her vulva so I put her in a kidding pen.  By 9:30 she moved into hard labor and her water broke.  I radioed to David that kids were coming.

Very soon after David arrived so did a 6.4# white buckling in nose and toes position.  Before David had that fella cleaned off Abby worked to push out another kid.  This one came head first with no legs.  I checked inside and found a folded up front leg.  I pulled it forward and the shoulder actually presented before the head was clear of the vulva.  I’ve never seen that before, but Abby did great and the 6.2# white doeling arrived in great shape.

Abby milked amazingly well out of that beautiful new udder.  She made plenty of colostrum to feed her lovely twins.  We are very excited to have Abby join our milking team.

Trying to Outsmart Ashlee


4/11/16 A week or so ago David told me that Ashlee would be a “stealth kidder” – that she would have her babies without giving us the usual signs that kidding was imminent.  I was determined not to let that happen. David and I have been together for over 34 years and I've learned to trust his instincts.  So I kept a very close eye on both Ashlee and her BFF, Abby, who was due the same day as her.

Today Ashlee’s milk was in and she was needy and talkative.  Ah ha! Nothing stealthy about that!  I put the two girls in a kidding pen to keep an eye on them.  Throughout the day I monitored them closely either in person or on the kid cam.  They mostly slept but did occasionally get up to eat some hay or beg for treats.

At 4 PM I checked and both were sleeping.  I headed out to do some chores.  About 15 minutes later I checked on them again.  I did a double take when I saw Ashlee lying where she had been earlier, but with three slimy, tiny kids lying behind her.  Their heads were up and they were looking around at their new world.

I radioed to David that we had kids and he came right over to help slick slime and get the trio dried off.  I’m pretty sure that Ashlee didn’t even need to have any contractions to have birthed these babies – they are amazingly small.  Ashlee probably just sneezed and they flew out of her!  The largest is a doeling weighing 4.9#, her sister is a diminutive 3.8#, and the buckling smashed our record of smallest kid ever born at BMR with a birth weight of a mere 2.7#.  All three were vigorous, hungry, and stomping around in no time at all.

Sneaky, stealthy Ashlee really pulled one over on me after all. 

Evening Sky


4/4/16 This morning I noticed that Sky’s milk was starting to come in.  She wasn’t showing any other signs that kidding was imminent and she wasn’t due for a couple more days.  Later in the afternoon I noticed that Sky was standing under the dairy deck and every once in awhile she would paw at the dirt.  Right before doing my evening chores I decided to put Sky into a kidding pen so that I could keep a closer eye on her while we milked the goats.

It was milk test day and the milk test supervisor showed up right on time.  I kept the kidding pen monitor on while we milked and Sky just lay in her pen.  As we were finishing up the paperwork for the milk test Sky started having some hard contractions.  I quickly ushered the poor supervisor out the door and went out to check on Sky.

Sky had a few more short sessions of hard pushing but something didn’t seem right – the pushing seemed truncated.  I cleaned up her vulva, gloved up, and lubed up.  I slowly felt inside the birth canal.  I felt a big kid bubble but there was no kid in it.  Sometimes that indicates that the kid is stalled at the cervix for some reason.

I reached in further and felt a head. I also felt hocks. Two different kids were vying to be born first. I decided to work with the breach baby first. I pulled one back leg into the birth canal and went back to try and find the other one but when I had straightened that first leg out, the kid's butt started into the birth canal. I had to push that back into the uterus before I could get the second back leg into the correct position. Once I did that the kid came out somewhat quickly. He had one stifle bent making the exit a bit slower than it should have been. I really need to remember to manually straighten that joint when fixing a breech birth.

The 6.6# buckling came out thrashing as if he couldn’t breathe.  David worked to clean his mouth and nose of mucus but he kept flailing.  While David worked his magic and got the fella breathing well and calmed down, Sky pushed out an impatient 5.7# buckling in nose and toes position.  This was the fella that was trying to pass in the “no passing zone” of the birth canal.

Once both boys were cleaned up and breathing well, Sky pushed out a third buckling.  He came nose and toes and encased in a very dark kid bubble that looked more like one of those mystical red balloons that get pushed out with the placenta when a doe cleans.  He weighed in at 7.2#. 

Sky milked close to half a gallon of rich colostrum and took a well deserved nap.  The boys were up stomping around in no time.

Overtime Opal


3/14/16 Four days ago when Celia went into labor Opal also seemed to be getting close to kidding. I was SO thrilled since once Opal kidded we’d have over 3 weeks before the next kids were due.  I started chilling the Champagne.  But Opal didn’t kid.  She fussed around and then settled into the kidding pen like it was a penthouse vacation.  The next day she still didn’t kid, or the next.  But this morning things were different.

When I checked on Opal at 6 AM she had a thick string of mucus hanging from her vulva.  I fed the animals, got the milking parlor set up, and we milked half an hour early so that we’d be ready for Opal’s kidding.

After milking we had shipping to do.  As we started filling cheese orders for the finer restaurants in Arizona, Opal went into hard labor.  David and I got out to her pen and saw that Opal was standing up for her delivery.  She was pushing out an 8.5# black buckling in nose and toes position.  Opal and David worked to clean him up.

I bounced her belly and could tell there was someone else waiting to be born.  I milked out Opal to get her thick, rich colostrum to feed the kids and waited for her to push out the next one. It wasn’t long before she did.  The 7.7# black spotted doeling also showed up in nose and toes position.

I got Opal a bucket of molasses water while David and she cleaned up this little sweetheart. We are very happy to have Opal back on the milk line and thrilled to keep the doeling as a future BMR milker.

Celia Makes It Look Easy


3/10/16 It was quite apparent this morning that Celia was getting ready to kid.  Her milk was in, her tail head ligaments were undetectable, and she didn’t finish her grain.  I put her in the kidding pen and kept an eye on her. 

Just after we finished lunch Celia started into hard labor.  She quickly pushed out a bubble.  Once it burst it wasn’t long before two legs and a nose appeared.  Celia pushed hard and soon the 8.1# buck was born.

Before David had the fella fully cleaned off, Celia pushed out a red fluid filled bubble plus a kid bubble, and soon another buck in nose and toes position was born.  This fella weighed in at 8.3#.

It hardly gets easier than that... although Celia’s opinion may differ.


Alchemy Works Her Magic


3/8/16 Alchemy was due yesterday and she was so big with her pregnancy that I had actually been hoping that she would kid last week.  But instead Alchemy waited the extra day.  Why?  Maybe because the thought of birthing a 9.9# buckling was more than she could handle! 

This afternoon I finally got some time to sit out on the back deck and enjoy watching the goats.  Alchemy was cuddled up with one of her buddies.  But I did see her give several hard pushes.  So I watched some more and soon she had a few more contractions.  I moved her into the kidding pen and went to get set up for milking the does.

After milking I checked on Alchemy.  Her milk wasn’t in much and her tail head wasn’t as loose as I’d like.  I considered letting her out of the pen since she just didn’t seem like she had done enough homework.  That’s when she started licking on me.  I brought Alchemy her portion of grain since she had been in the pen for lead feeding and hadn’t gotten any.  She sniffed at it and ignored it.  That’s when I knew for certain that she would kid soon.  Alchemy never misses a meal.

Soon she had a few more pushing sessions.  I gloved up and checked her birth canal.  I felt nose and toes.   I gave one big leg a tug and soon that whopping big 9.9# boy was born.  What a looker!  He was elegant even with birthing slime dripping off of him.

While David and Alchemy worked to clean that fella off, Alchemy had some more contractions.  It wasn’t long before a lovely 7.0# doeling made her entrance with one leg folded back.

Alchemy licked the kids dry and then headed over to eat her grain.

Rosalee EvensThe Score


3/8/16 Tuesday’s are busy days for us since it is usually our biggest shipping day of the week.  We were up early finishing up packaging over 100 pounds of our goats milk  fudge, over 100 pounds of our spiced pecans, and, of course, lots of goat cheese. 

Rosalee is a very big goat and she has carried her pregnancy with amazing grace and style. At morning milking I saw that she was getting ready to kid.    I moved her into a kidding pen, then went to finish getting our products boxed for shipping.  We finished that project just after noon and David heated up some of his homemade pizza that we keep on hand during kidding season for fast lunches.

After about 2 bites of his sausage (homemade of course) and mushroom pizza with BMR Boule cheese, Rosalee started into hard labor.  I was watching her on the goat cam monitor in the office.  We headed out and helped Rosalee with her triplet doelings.

The first already had her nose making an exit when we arrived.  I reached in and pulled two legs forward.  The 6.1# brown doeling with snowflake spots slid out very easily.  David cleaned her up while Rosalee worked on positioning the next kid.

Soon Rosalee pushed out a very long legged black doe with red trim.  She came nose and toes and weighed 7.0#.  After she was cleaned up, I checked inside of Rosalee and found another set of nose and toes in the birth canal.  Out came a 6.4# black doeling with lots of spots, red trim, and black ears.

Even though it has seemed like a buck year, this birth of triplet doelings evens the score – 25 doelings, 25 bucklings.  Rosalee looks great and we are going to love having her back at work.

Betty's Behemoths


3/5/16 It was a long, hard day here and we were very glad that none of the does felt like kidding.  However, just before evening milking I saw that Betty had changed her mind.  She was starting to string mucus and her milk was in.  I put her in a kidding pen and kept an eye on her from the barn camera monitor in the milking parlor.

After milking and cleaning up, I grabbed a glass of wine and went out to sit with Betty.  She was in the talkative, licking stage of labor so she enjoyed having someone to talk to and lick on.  Soon she got busy and started having some hard contractions.

David came out and we got ready to catch some kids.  Betty pushed while standing up, then lay down and pushed some more.  She is a big doe so a normal kid in a good birthin’ position should have slid right out.  I decided to check her.  I was already cleaned and gloved, so I cleaned up Betty’s backside, lubed up, and did a two finger check.  I felt a leg and WOW what a big leg it was.  I found the other leg plus felt that the head was also in the birth canal.  I gave some traction to help this behemoth out.  It was nice that there was plenty of birthin’ goo to help this 9.3# brown buckling slid out.

Once David and Betty had him cleaned up, Betty started pushing again.  I checked inside and felt an even BIGGER set of legs.  Soon the 9.5# red buckling with white splashes was born.   I figured that was all the kids since they were so large, but I checked back inside just to be sure.  There was another set of large legs, though not as large as the two before.  Soon an 8.2# doeling was born also in nose and toes position.  She is red with white splashes.

Betty looks great, though a bit thin.  The kids are sturdy and beautiful. 

Melody's Quartet


3/4/16 Melody spent all day in the kidding pen.  She would sit like a dog at times, other times while laying down she’d prop herself up and dig with one front leg.  I expected her to kid this afternoon but at evening milking time she was still just working to position the kids for their exit.

After evening milking I gave Melody a dose of CMPK which is a calcium/phosphorous supplement that would help Melody to have good strong contractions.  About 20 minutes later Melody moved into hard labor.  I radioed to David that the kids were coming and got an empty feed sack to place the newborns on, plus paper towels for cleaning mouths and noses, and some newsprint for slicking off birthing slime.

Melody made quick work of pushing out the first kid – the 4.7# black buckling with splashes came in nose and toes position.  David worked to clean the fella up while Mel worked on pushing out the next kid.  A big, clear kid bubble appeared.  I burst it and did a 2 finger check to be sure the kid was in a good position.  But I did not feel a kid.  Hmmmm.  I reached in further, past the cervix, and felt a large mass of babies – but I couldn’t tell what the parts were.  I finally figured out that a kid was trying to be born butt first.  I found a back leg and pulled it into the birth canal then went to find the second leg.  I was having trouble finding it.  Soon, however, a line-jumping kid decided not to wait and dove into the birth canal in nose and toes position!  I then had THREE legs coming out the vulva plus a head on the way.  Wow, that’s a first!  Now instead of a breach birth it was (as David put it) a "Three-ch" birth. Not a good thing.  I pushed that back leg back into the uterus and out popped the impatient 5.0# doeling in nose and toes position.  She is brown with black spots.

I passed the line-jumper over to David so that he could get her cleaned up and breathing well.  I went back to rummaging for the back legs of the breach baby.  I pulled out the one back leg – again, but couldn’t find the other one.  Just like with Madeleine’s first born buckling, this fella had his other leg tucked up tight along his belly.  Melody gave a big push and the 5.8# ginger buckling was born doing the splits.

Once David had that fella cleaned and breathing well I checked back inside of Melody.  I didn’t want a repeat of a sneaky fourth kid being born.  Yup, way down deep there was another head.  I found a front leg to go with it and pulled out another buckling.  This one is black with polka dot spots and weighed in at 6.2#.

Melody looks great and looks SO much more comfortable now.  The kids are amazingly lively – jumping around within minutes of birth.

Raziah Fools Us


3/1/16 At lead feeding this morning I didn’t see any of the does that looked close to kidding.  If I had to guess I’d have said that Melody would be the next one to kid, but even she wasn’t close.  So I got a lot of work done without worrying about watching the does.  But late this afternoon, once I finally got the business tax information sent off to our accountant, I really needed a break.  I went out to enjoy the lovely day and hang out with the goats.  That’s when I saw that Raziah was stringing a lot of crystal clear mucus.

I moved her into the kidding pen and went to get my chores done while Raziah worked on positioning her kids.  By the time I finished and brought a bucket of warm, sanitizing wash water to her pen, she had pushed out a kid head.  It was quite a large head – and it wasn’t progressing outward.

I radioed to David that we had kids coming, I set up a landing zone, cleaned up, gloved up, lubed up, and tried to find a front leg to pull into the birth canal in order to facilitate the birth.  I found a shoulder and tried pulling it forward, but that wasn’t helping any.  So I reached in further and found a leg.  Raziah was pushing hard so I had to time my manipulations for when she wasn’t pushing.  Finally I was able to pull a leg forward and the 8.3# buckling was born.  He was covered in industrial strength birthin’ goo – the kind that doesn’t just slick off.  As hard as David worked to clean and dry that boy, it wasn’t until hours later that he finally dried.

Due to the bad position of that first kid, I did a two finger check of the birth canal.  I felt a bubble and broke that.  Then I could feel two feet and a nose.  Before I even got my fingers out of there, that kid shot out, one leg way in front of the other – sort of like Superman flying.    Thankfully the 6.0# red doeling with spots and splashes did not have that nasty goo on her and was easy to dry off.

Again I check in the birth canal and again I felt nose and toes.  This 6.4# blonde doeling’s entrance into the world was just a bit less dramatic than her sister’s. She did have that industrial strength birthing goo on her so she looked a bit frazzled until she finally dried off.

I bounced Raziah’s belly and thought that she felt done so I milked her out and brought her a bucket of molasses water.  We took the kids inside to have their umbilical cords dipped in Navel Guard and to get them fed.

While David fed the threesome I went out to put the milkers in the holding pen.  As I was finishing up, David called on the radio saying that Raziah had another kid born!  I got to the kidding pen in time to see Raziah licking on this 5.3# afterthought of a doeling.  That was a surprise!

All four kids are doing great. Sneaky Raziah looks wonderful and we are excited to have her back on the milk line.

Detroit Joins In With Leap Day Bucklings


2/29/16 Once Dixie had her twins we had just enough time for a quick dinner before Detroit started into hard labor.  It didn’t take long for Detroit to push out a very elegant 8.5# buckling in nose and toes position.  What a looker!

Soon she pushed out a second buckling also in nose and toes position.  This blond fella weighed in at 7.5#.

It just doesn’t get a whole lot easier than that.    



Leap Day Doelings For Dixie


2/29/16 Dixie didn’t come in for lead feeding this evening and she was looking very uncomfortable.  I put her in the kidding pen and kept an eye on her.  Around 7:30 PM she pushed out a head. 

I was already cleaned and gloved up so I lubed up well and reached past the head and into the birth canal.  It was a tight fit and I could only get hold of a shoulder.  I pulled that forward and that was enough to get the 6.9# doeling to slide out.

Next Dixie pushed out a 5.4# doeling in perfect nose and toes position. Detroit, who was sharing the pen with Dixie, helped clean the girls off.

The two "leaplings" (born on leap day) were feisty and hungry right from the start.

This little girl is For Sale!

Serenity Goes Single


2/26/16 What a difference a year makes.  Last year Serenity tried to have quadruplet bucklings, but something happened, she stopped eating, and she crashed with ketosis.  It was bad.  So this year I kept a very close eye on her.  Thankfully, she sailed through her pregnancy without a hitch.  She looked great and ate great.

Serenity spent last night in the kidding pen just to make it easier for David and me to keep an eye on her.  I let her out this morning so she could come in for lead feeding, and then returned her to that pen.  She started digging craters in the dirt and straw.

As we were feeding the kids their 2 PM milk I looked over to check on Serenity and saw her standing in her pen and having some very strong contractions.  Just a couple, then a rest period.  David and I went over to hang out with her.  She continued standing up while having several more rounds of pushing - big powerful pushes.   I thought she was pushing out a normal birth sac bubble but when I looked closer I could tell that it was different.  It had a lot of blood vessels and looked more like placenta. 

I broke the tissue and found big legs coming plus a big head.  When Serenity pushed out the head I could tell that the tissue around the kid was placenta and not the birth sack.  Very strange.  Only once the kid was fully born did the normal amniotic fluid pour out of her. I think that 9.4# buckling was so big that he blocked the passage of the amniotic fluid, which is too bad since that fluid is very helpful in slicking up the exit.

Once the buckling was cleaned up Serenity went over to my wash water bucket and started fussing with it.  She wanted her molasses water that I always bring out to the girls once they are done kidding and I use an identical bucket as my wash water bucket.  I got the message and brought her out a well deserved drink.

Although Serenity really could have downloaded this monster a week earlier, she did an excellent job, looks great, and is milking great.   The buckling is amazingly playful, active, and beautiful. 

Kestrel Gives Us More Bucks


2/25/16 As opposed to Madeleine who didn’t look like she was carrying a big load but actually had quads, Kestrel was huge.  I just knew she had to be carrying triplets.  But no.  Just like last year Kestrel had twin boys.  I have to say that the boys are lovely, but I really wanted a doeling from her!

I put Kestrel in the kidding pen this afternoon since she was acting like she was getting ready to download.  But even though she was pawing and having mild contractions, she waited until David got home just after 4 PM before getting really serious.  We headed out and sat with her.  She pushed on and off.  I did a two finger check of the birth canal and felt a leg and some teeth.  I got out of there and let her push some more.  Soon she pushed out the leg and head but it was stuck.  I reached in and found the other front leg which was snagged at the pelvic brim.  Out came a studly looking 8.0# blond buckling. 

Kestrel and David worked to dry the boy off. Then Kestrel started pushing again.  She pushed out a head.  I cleared the kid’s nose and mouth of mucus since he was already starting to breathe, but the kid seemed pretty stuck.  I reached in and found a front leg, gave it some traction, and out came a lovely 8.2# brown buckling with white belly band and lots of snowflake spots.

The last 4 kiddings have given us 10 bucklings and only 2 doelings.

Madeleine's Morning Madness


2/25/16 Lots of our goats are looking supersized, but not Madeleine.  I complimented her recently on just carrying a reasonable load of kids.  I thought twins but in the last week or so I started to suspect triplets. 

Madeleine was spending the night in the kidding pen. Rosetta, who is still recovering from her ordeal, stayed with her.  At around 2:30 AM David checked on Madeleine and saw that she was stringing a bit of mucus.  When I checked the barn camera half an hour later I could see that her water had broken and that she was having contractions.  We went out to keep an eye on her.

She squirmed a bit, drained more goo, got up, lay down; basically she seemed to be stalling.  Due to this, and the fact that is was freezing out there and I was cold, I decided to check the birth canal.  David held Madeleine while I cleaned her backside up, cleaned my arms and hands, gloved up, lubed up, and went exploring. 

I was amazed to find a hock in the birth canal.  This seems to be a theme this year.  But I only felt one hock.  I pushed it back into the uterus and unfolded the leg so that it was coming hoof first.  I even pulled the stifle straight since it wanted to be folded.  Then I searched for the second back leg.  I found the tail, but no other back leg.  That’s when Madeleine gave a big push and out came the 7.5# buckling doing the splits – his lost leg had been folded up along his belly.

Over the course of the next 30 minutes three more kids were born.  Seriously??  Quads?? Where had Madeleine been storing all those kids?  So much for me complimenting her for carrying a reasonable number.

The second born was a buck weighing 6.8#, third born was a buck weighing a whopping 9.4#, and fourth born was a lovely 7.2# doeling.  The doeling’s back legs are still trying to stretch out – I guess those big boys were taking up way too much room.  But she will be up and walking soon. 

Rescuing Rosetta


2/23/16 Rosetta is normally like an autistic bull in a china shop.  She is very specific about how she carries out her milking parlor duties.  If another doe gets in her way – watch out!  Rosetta just puts her head down and pushes through to her milk stand.  We work hard to be sure the path is clear for when it’s Rosetta’s turn in the parlor.  However, a few days ago Rosetta didn’t even come in for lead feeding.  I found her in one of our auxiliary sheds.  She was very unsteady on her back legs. I don’t know if the kids were pushing on a nerve which made her legs not work or if she was injured from fighting with another goat.

I put Rosetta into a kidding pen just to keep an eye on her, make sure she was eating, and protect her from confrontations with other goats.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t eating, and a heavily pregnant doe that doesn’t eat every meal is in big trouble for developing ketosis (pregnancy toxemia).  I decided to induce her to kid early.   She was far enough along in the pregnancy that the kids would be just fine – unless the toxins from ketosis killed them, or if they were already dead and that was the reason for Rosetta’s problems.  Yes, I can come up with lots of things to fret about when I’m dealing with a sick animal!

The few times before that I have induced a goat to kid early I have had it planned out well in advance and use a method that takes about 2 and a half days – one drug to help mature the babies’ lungs and a day later another drug to initiate the birthing process.  But these kids were already full term and Rosetta was crashing so I bypassed the first drug.  As I waited the day and a half for the drug to bring her into labor, I worked to keep Rosetta’s ketone level under control.  I drenched her with propylene glycol (which was NOT a favorite for either of us), I brought her animal crackers, apple horse treats (those WERE a big favorite), molasses water, and anything else I could think of to get more calories into her.

This evening Rosetta was stringing some thin, clear mucus plus a bit of reddish fluid.  At 8PM I decided to check inside of her to make sure that things were moving along and to possibly pull the kids so that they would stop draining Rosetta’s reserves.  David came out and held Rosetta steady, I cleaned up her perineum region, cleaned my hands and arms, gloved up, lubed up, and went exploring.

Her birth canal was quite loose which was a delightful surprise.  Her cervix was almost fully open, though not quite.  I could, however, reach past it and into the womb.  I felt two legs and a head.  I pulled the legs but the head flopped back into the “Dreaded Head Back Position”.   I needed to reach in further to realign the head into the birth canal but to do that I had to push the front legs back.  I did that and then it was fairly easy to get my hand around the crown of the head and manipulate it into the birth canal.  Then I reached back into the uterus to retrieve the front legs.  I could feel the kid squirm a little so I had hope that the kids had survived this ordeal.

Out came a lively camouflaged 7.0# buckling.  As soon as David had him stabilized, he held Rosetta and I went in search of another kid.  I found a head entering the birth canal.  I reached past it to find a leg and out came another buckling.  This one was 7.7#.

Again I reached in and found a head, again reached further in for one leg, and again another buckling emerged.  He weighed 6.6#.

Rosetta is doing much better now without having to lug all those boys around, but she is still recovering.  Hopefully she will be back in general population soon, but for now she is still getting special treatment - including lots of cookies.

Victory Prevails


2/23/16 Victory was busy helping Reese to clean up Reese’s babies when she had a few contractions of her own.  I can’t help but imagine that Vicky must have been surprised that she wasn’t done kidding yet.  But we moved Reese and her babies out of the way so that Victory could work on birthin’ her own kids.

Soon Victory pushed out an amazingly clear birth bubble. It burst leaving a lake of clear, thick mucus.  Then she pushed out a lot more slime.  So much that I decided to investigate since with Victory pushing and that much fluid coming out there should have been a kid showing.

I cleaned off Vicky’s backside, gloved up, lubricated well, and slowly worked my hand into the birth canal.  I felt hocks.   Reese had just tried to deliver a kid that way an hour earlier.  It’s an easily fixed malposition.  I pushed the legs back into the womb and one at a time I rotated the back legs and pulled out the hoof.  Once both back hooves were in the birth canal it should have been quite easy to pull the kid out – but it wasn’t.  I figured out that the legs were still bent at the stifle joint making for a lot more work and stretching of the birth canal to move the kid out.  I was able to straighten out one stifle before the 7.5# smoky brown buckling slid on out.

Once he was cleaned up and breathing well I checked back inside of Victory.  I felt two upside down hooves – the kid was coming back legs first.  That is a fine position as long as the kid comes pretty quickly so that the passage of the head and shoulders into the birth canal doesn’t pinch off the umbilical cord too early.  The 7.5# doeling came out quick and easy.

Next I checked inside and found nose and toes.  The 6.2# spotted buckling came out quickly.  Vicky milked out nicely and will be a big asset in our milking parlor this year.

Reese Rocks


2/23/16 Reese was so big with her pregnancy that she would sit like a dog trying to get comfortable.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was carrying quads.  Today I put her in a kidding pen along with Victory who was also looking ready to kid.

Around 2:30 this afternoon Reese’s water broke.  Then she would push on and off but not get terribly serious.  I cleaned up her vulva, gloved up, lubed up, and did a two finger check in the birth canal to make sure there wasn’t a problem.  I felt hocks, which is not a great birthing position.

I pulled my hand back a bit and poured a lot more lubricant on it, then I pushed the hocks back into the uterus and one at a time I rotated those back legs to find the hooves.  Once I had two back hooves into the birth canal it was a piece of cake to help pull this lovely 7.9# doeling out.

Once the kid was dried off and breathing well, I did another check inside of Reese.  I felt a nose and two hooves – perfect!  Out came an 8.1# doeling, almost identical to the first.

Again I did a two finger check and only felt a head.  I reached in further and found one of the front legs and soon another almost identical doeling was born.  She weighed in at 7#.  I checked back inside of Reese and did not feel any more kids. Victory, who was in the same pen, thought that the kids were hers and helped clean them up.

Reese looks great and milked enough colostrum for us to feed her 3 daughters and still let us put some in the freezer for emergencies. 

A Sad Day For Chica


2/4/16 Chica didn’t come in for lead feeding this morning.  She was standing by herself and she had some placenta material hanging from her vulva.  I put her in the kidding pen and let her get on with the work of losing her pregnancy prematurely.  It was hard knowing that her babies would be too young to survive, but I had high hopes that Chica would come though alright.

Chica fussed around for several hours, and then she went into hard labor.  It didn’t take long for her to push out a tiny baby in nose and toes position.  The buckling was already dead and smelled very bad.  Soon Chica pushed out a little doeling.  Sadly, she was way too premature to survive.

We don’t know what caused the boy to die early, but we are very glad that Chica was able to get him out before the decaying body could cause her any health problems.  Chica is still mourning her babies and is loving licking on David and me.

A Sad Day For Celeste


1/30/16 For most of the morning Celeste had been sleeping in the barn and doing some preliminary work to kid.  Her milk was coming in nicely but her rump was still firm.  Right after feeding the kids their lunch I went to check on Celeste.  I found her out in the pen and she was stringing blood tinged mucus.  I thought I also saw a bit of amniotic fluid which was strange since I didn’t think she was that far along in her labor.

I put her in the kidding pen and sat out with her on and off.  I didn’t like the blood in the discharge and I didn’t like that her rump was still tight.  I gave her a shot of Lutalyse to hopefully help loosen her rump and open her cervix so that the kidding would go better.  Several times throughout the afternoon and evening I had David hold her while I did a check inside her birth canal to determine if a kid was coming and if she was loosening up enough for that to happen.  She was not at all roomy enough for kids to pass.

At 2 AM Celeste started into hard labor.  David and I headed out.  I cleaned Celeste’s vulva, gloved up, lubed up, and checked inside.  Her cervix was not fully open but a pair of legs was coming through.  I massaged the cervix to try and get it to open fully, but didn’t have success.  The head of the kid got caught at the cervix and couldn’t pass.  I slowly worked to get the cervix to stretch around the kid’s head.  Finally it did and with some traction help from me the kid started out.  It had no birthing goo around it to help it slide out so I rubbed a lot of lubricant on the parts that were still in the birth canal.  Finally the doeling was born.  Sadly she had not survived.  I checked for other kids but no one else was home.

Celeste is sore and showing signs of having milk fever.  We are working with her and expect that she will fully recover.

Manifest Destiny Prevails


1/27/16 We knew it had to happen sometime.  Destiny has been so ready to kid for days now but she just seemed reluctant to lose her load.  Her rump has been fully soft for days, her milk in.

This evening I put her in the kidding pen as usual.  I discussed with her that she would have to start paying rent soon if she continued to use the facilities.  She didn’t seem impressed.  But she did start pawing in the straw.  Hey, at this point anything different is good.  We were encouraged that Destiny was still progressing towards finally kidding.  She was just taking her time.

About 7:30 PM she started into hard labor.  I went out to be with her, but she stopped pushing.  I thought that maybe I was distracting her so I left.  Once again she had a hard pushing session and then stopped.  I went back out, gloved up, lubed up, and did a two-finger check to make sure that the kid was in a good position.  I felt one leg and a nose.  They were big.  I couldn’t blame poor little Destiny for not wanting to push that bruiser out.  But eventually that is what happened and the 9.0# black buckling finally made his debut.

While Destiny and David worked to clean off this fella, I bounced Destiny’s belly to check for more kids.  David didn’t think she could have another one inside since this fella was so big, but a hug around her belly told me that another one was on the way.  Soon another black buck was born, this one 8.6#.  Those are some big boys for little Destiny to have carried around so long – and they certainly could have been downloaded earlier.  They were jumping and playing within minutes of birth.

Destiny milked out 3 pints of colostrum from a very lovely and productive udder.  She should be a nice addition to our milking string – now that she’s finally accepted her “destiny” as a milker.

Song Sung Blue

River Song/Gideon

1/27/16 Song was spending last night in the kidding pen.  She was loose in the rump, her milk was in, and she was starting to string birthing goo.  I checked on her throughout the night on the Barn Cam and she didn’t seem to be doing much.    But at around 2:30 AM I saw that she was starting to push.  I woke up David and headed out to help.

As soon as I arrived I knew there was a problem.  Song was a bit panicked.  I gloved up, lubed up, and worked my hand into her birth canal.  I felt hocks.  I was working to push them back into the uterus in order to find the hooves and straighten out the back legs when David arrived.  He steadied and comforted Song while I worked.  I told David that the legs were very small and I doubted that there was life in the kid.

Once the kid’s legs were straightened out it was easy to pull him out.  The little buckling was already dead and had been so for awhile. I immediately reached back into the uterus to find the next kid, hoping for a better result.  I found two legs and pulled them into the birth canal.  But I could tell that they were front legs and I couldn’t find the head.  I finally moved the legs back into the uterus and reached in very deep to find the head.  It was turned back in what I refer to as “The Dreaded Head Back Position".  It took some work to get my hand around the skull and move it to the birth canal.  But my hand, wrapped around a head, would not fit through the canal.  I finally grabbed the lower jaw, aligned it with the birth canal, and waited for Song to have a contraction.  That did the trick and the head moved into the birth canal.  I even found that one leg had followed along.  Out came a dead doeling along with a placenta.

Again I went in to investigate and found another head.  It, too, was wrapped back and not aligning with the birth canal.  I repeated what I’d done before and out came a dead buckling, again with placenta attached.  I checked again inside the uterus but did not find any more kids.

I don’t know why these kids died before even being born.  It’s very sad.  But we are thrilled that Song looks great and is doing well.

Close Dancing

River Dance/Luke

1/26/16 Once Liberty Rose and her doeling were cared for, it was time to feed the livestock and get ready for milking the does.  Right before it was time to start milking I did a check on the close-up girls, but couldn't find Dance.  I finally found her hiding under a feed bunk, stringing birthing goo.  I put her into a kidding pen and radioed David that we had kids coming.

David showed up with some sanitizing wash water and mentioned that he was amazed to see Destiny out in the pen since he was sure that she would be the next new momma. 

Dance pushed hard on and off but didn’t seem to be making any progress. I did a one-finger check inside the birth canal and felt one leg and a nose.  Since they weren’t moving with the contractions I squirted some OB lube into the birth canal.  That helped a little but in the end I had to apply some traction in order for the kid to be born.  Dance passed her placenta fairly quickly after that.

The 7.3# doeling did fine, Dance’s vulva is somewhat swollen but she is in good spirits. 

Lazy Liberty

Liberty Rose/Gideon

1/26/16 Today was a very busy day around here, but finally in the late afternoon David and I actually got to hang out with the goats and enjoy the ranch.  I was keeping an eye on Song and Dance since they were starting to get ready to kid, plus a very close eye on Destiny who I thought would kid days ago but still hasn’t.

Then I noticed that even though Liberty Rose wasn’t at all ready to kid, she was acting like she was going to.  Her milk wasn’t in, her rump wasn’t soft, but she had the “body language” of a doe about to kid and went in search of a private area.

She laid down in one of our auxiliary sheds and started into hard labor.  I moved out the other goats that wanted to “help” and got my kidding kit out.  I was very worried since she was still so tight in the rump.  Soon Liberty Rose pushed out a head.  I reached in to feel for a leg to pull forward to help make the delivery more ergonomic.  I found a knee.  I was able to unfold the leg, find the hoof, and pull the leg out.  That made getting the 7.2# brown doeling born just a bit easier.  Once Liberty Rose had pushed out her daughter I bounced her belly.  I didn’t feel any other kids.

I bought out some molasses water for Liberty and she passed her placenta soon afterwards.  How she got that kid born without doing any homework is amazing.  Her doeling wasn’t stressed at all and is bouncing around already.

Silent Snowflake


1/26/16 Some does squirm and fuss and moan during the last few days or weeks of their pregnancies.  Not Snowflake.  She just went on about her business like always.  But yesterday afternoon I noticed that she had a discharge on her vulva, probably her dissolving cervical plug.  So I put her in a kidding pen that evening.

This morning at about 12:30 AM I checked the Goat Cam monitor in the bedroom and saw that Snowflake was lying down and having very rhythmatic contractions.  David, who was still in the office where there is another Goat Cam monitor, had noticed also.  We have a sound monitor in the barn, but Snowflake wasn’t making any noise as she worked to push out her kids.  As I was putting on my coat to go out to the barn, David said that Snowflake had pushed out a kid head.

I got to the kidding pen as Snowflake finished pushing out a 9.6# black buckling.  What a whopper!  I worked to dry him off but didn’t make much progress.  David came out to work his magic.  Usually David’s magic is in how he manages distressed kids or helps me if I need to pull kids.  This morning he simply worked to dry this fella off.  The kid had industrial strength birthin’ goo plastered on him, so it was a work of magic that the kid ever got dry.

Then, silently, Snowflake started back into her rhythm of pushing.  Out came an overly spotted doeling in perfect nose and toes position.  This stunning girl weighed in at a slightly more reasonable 7.8# and was slightly easier to get buffed and polished. 

Snowflake milked out plenty of colostrum for her big babies and really enjoyed licking on them.

Anne Delivers


1/24/16 We were expecting Anne to have twins or possibly triplets.  She didn’t seem overly large and had no problems climbing up the dairy steps to come into the milking parlor for her grain twice a day. About a week ago she started to slow down, got a bit squirmy when lying down, and started sitting like a dog at times when she seemed most uncomfortable.

Anne had spent the night in a kidding pen so that I could keep a close eye on her via our Barn Cam.  I let her out this morning so that she could come in for lead feeding.  But she was reluctant to climb the steps and didn’t want to jump up onto her milk stand.  David put her grain dish on the deck of the stand so that Anne could eat while standing on the floor.  After Anne had eaten I put her back into the kidding pen.

At noon today her water broke and less than half an hour later Anne had her 4 daughters born.  The first girl came in perfect nose and toes position and weighed in at 5.3#.   The second born girl wasted no time and immediately made her very ugly entrance into the world butt first with her back legs folded along her belly.  It’s a good thing that she was small because that presentation can really cause problems.  But the 4.6# doeling managed it just fine.

David worked to dry off the girls while Anne took a short break.  Then she quickly pushed out two more doelings.  Both came head first with front legs folded back and both weighed 6.7#. 

All four doelings are vigorous and healthy, and first time momma Anne looks like she will be a good addition to our milking string. WOW, what a great start to our Kidding Season!

Anne's four doelings at one hour old (above)

No Kids Yet

1/24/16 As of 8 AM the BMR baby count is: Sheep - 5, Goats - 0. Destiny and Anne are getting close and spent last night in the kidding pen - but they slept instead of kidding. Looks like the other 5 does that are due around now are taking their time. This group was pen bred so the dates are estimates only. The girls mostly look great and are doing some preliminary work to get ready to kid. Sheep "65" with her newborn twin ewe lambs

Getting Started


1/17/16 Even though it is only January, Kidding Season is fast approaching.  We usually start kidding in late February or early March but this year we will have 7 does kid in January.  What can I say…It seemed like a good idea in August when I bred them!  Now in the cold and snow of January I’m rethinking this idea.  It is, however, a bit late for making changes now!  We’ll still have an additional 30 or so girls kid at a more reasonable time of year. 

I’m Kathryn, the herd manager of Black Mesa Ranch.  Along with my husband, David, we own and operate an off-grid goat cheese dairy in extreme rural Northern Arizona.  We are at 6000 feet in elevation so having snow, wind, and cold at this time of year is pretty normal. 

The does are growing wider by the day, humming and groaning as their pregnancies advance.  They all look great and we expect to have a wonderful Kidding Season.  I’ll report on each doe's kidding – good, bad, or ugly.  So sit back and enjoy the adventure!

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