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SG Black Mesa Coriander 3*M (Cory)
Born: 2/10/03

ADGA #1281143

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

2004 BMR Best First Freshener
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Linear Appraisal Score:
88 VVVE at 4 years old
89 VEVV at 5 years old

2008 Top Ten Breed Leader  - Milk, Butterfat, and Protein

International Nubian Breeders Awards (INBA)
INBA Top Ten Award
INBA Outstanding Dam Award

INBA Premier Dam Award

DHIR Milk Test Results:

Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2005 2-00 305 2140 7.0 100 4.7 79 3.7
2006 3-00 288 1860 6.5 91 4.9 70 3.8
2007 4-00 299 2280 7.6 127 5.6 80 3.5
2008 5-01 307 3290 10.7 148 4.5 118 3.6

Summer 2009:

Could Cory possibly have any more surprises for us?  Of course she could!  Cory has now earned the title of Top Ten Breed Leader!  In 2008 she was the 6th highest milk producing Nubian, the 7th highest butterfat producer, and the 6th highest producer of protein in the country!  In the goat world this is like getting three Olympic medals...and she deserves every one of them.

July 2008 update:

We sure didn't expect that Cory could have any more surprises for us, but she did.  In March Cory kidded with quintuplets!  Four girls and a boy, all healthy and active.  Then she proceeded to milk enough to feed all those hungry babies!  On her June milk test she gave 16.2 pounds of milk - that's over 2 gallons in one day!  The appraiser called her "a milk goat deluxe" and, boy, was he right! 

July 2007 update:

Well, as we said below, Cory is a girl full of surprises.  As beautiful as we’ve always thought she was, we were still quite surprised when she scored 88 VVVE on her first Linear Appraisal.  It’s wonderful that the appraiser “agreed” with our assessment of this lovely girl!  Cory, being the carefree goofball that she is, hasn’t let the marvelous LA score go to her head.  She still waits (somewhat) patiently for her turn to be milked and contributes greatly to the high quality, award winning cheeses that David makes.

July 2006 update:

We almost lost Cory this spring!  She kidded easily and her milk came in.  Boy, did her milk come in!  Unfortunately she developed hypocalcemia (milk fever) AND ketosis due to using all her reserves for making that much milk.  We treated her, but not aggressively enough at first.  She kept getting weaker.  We boosted our treatment, spent hours every day coaxing her to eat, and finally gave her a cud transfer.  That seemed to do the trick and Cory blossomed again.  We had tried to dry off her milk production so that she could concentrate on getting better, but she continued to make milk.  So, as she was recovering, she joined the milking team again.  She’s not up to last years level, but she is giving a substantial amount (over a gallon a day) and enjoys her time in the parlor.  Good Work, Cory, it’s SO great to have you back.

April 2005 Update:

Cory is continuing to grow and mature well for us. She is absolutely lovely and has a delightful personality. She loves her turn in the milking parlor and takes her job very seriously – funny thing since she is so care-free and even goofy the rest of the time!

More about Cory:

Coriander is a doeling of "firsts".., she was the first doeling born in 2003 on the Ranch and our buck Guajillo's first doeling ever, as well as being the first goat to carry the "Black Mesa" herd name.

Cory is also a doe full of surprises.  She surprised us when she was born by being the absolute FLATTEST goat we've ever seen.  She surprised us with her athletic abilities.   She continued to surprised us with her gorgeous udder and excellent milk production - hitting over one gallon/day as a first freshener!  She is wonderful in the milking parlor - truly a delight.

Sire: SG Ragels Ziegenhof Guajillo  +B

SS:  The Blue Thunder Tundra

SSS:  *S Anin's Vagabond 2E CGS                

SSD:  CH Blue Thunder Gaylynn (first place 2-year old at 2000     Canadian West National Show)

SD:  Sunny-Haven Silkie

SDS:  CH Sunny-Haven Sedona's Tampico

SDD:  The New Song Ranch Spring

Dam:  Ragels Ziegenhof Angel  2*M

DS:  La-Homa DTC Mountain Tesoro *B

DSS:  Dayspring IMB Talisman +B

DSD:  GCH Patch-Quilt-Farms D. Desiree 5*M                

DD:  Rio-Pirata Casino's Faro (Trudy)  1*M

DDS: Cavecreek-Critters Brave Heart

DDD:  Carousel's Casino