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8 year old Marlyn in the tall grass




Marlyn at 6 years old (4 pics above)


SG Marlyn Mondoe (Marilyn)  10*M
Born 4/17/05

 ADGA #1352618

 CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

ADGA Superior Genetics Award

International Nubian Breeders Awards (INBA)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2010)
NBA Top Milk Production by Age (2010)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2011)
IINBA Top Milk Production by Age  (2011)

INBA Silver Milk Certificate (2014)
INBA Excellence in Linear Appraisal Award
INBA Senior Citizen Award
INBA Lifetime Achievement Award

Four times Reserve Grand Champion

Linear Appraisal Score:
88 VVVV at 2 years old
83 +++V at 3 years old
91 EEEE at 4 years old
91 EEEE at 6 years old

DHIR Milk Test Results:
Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2007 1-10 271 1820 6.7 72 4 64 3.5
2008 2-09 343 2660 7.8 118 4.4 96 3.6
2009 3-10 288 2180 7.6 92 4.2 80 3.7
2010 4-09 320 2550 8 124 4.9 96 3.8
2011 6-00 238 2400 10.1 117 4.9 84 3.5
2012 6-10 287 2260 7.9 103 4.6 78 3.5
2013 7-10 301 2920 9.7 127 4.4 103 3.5
2014 8-10 257 2060 8.0 90 4.4 71 3.5
2015 9-10 112 770 6.9 35 4.6 25 3.3

Last update - 9/10/15

Yesterday Marlyn ate her treats with her usual gusto, she kept to her normal routine of eating, napping, checking out the buck, and begging for more treats. 

To our surprise we found Marlyn lying dead this morning.  The Anatolian LGD’s (Livestock Guardian Dogs) were sitting vigil around her body.  As David went to move Marlyn to our grave yard, LGD Pierre licked her face.  LGDs Mattie and Melek accompanied David and Marlyn, then sat by as David dug the grave and put Marlyn to rest.

We all will miss that regal ol’ lady.

Summer 2015 update:

Ten year old Marlyn has finally retired. She was still game to continue being a milker, but she has developed skin cancer on her udder which gets aggravated when the udder is full. Marlyn now spends her days hanging out on the big dirt pile in the doe pen or following me around begging for apple treats. Her two kids that we kept last year are maturing beautifully and we are very excited about them, as well as being excited about her buck/doe twins that we kept from this year.

Summer 2014 update:

Nine year old Marlyn is starting to slow down.  She climbs the steps up to the milking parlor to report in for work, but the milking stand is a bit high for her to jump onto.   David helps her out by lifting her back end up once Marlyn has her front feet positioned.  It’s actually quite cute watching those two work together.

We are delighted that Marlyn gave us a buck and a doe kid to keep this year (in addition to a buckling that headed up to Oregon).  They are lovely and we expect great things from them.

Summer 2013 update:

Our does are milking great this year so competition in the milking parlor is tough.  But Marlyn, on our July milk test, came in third place out of 28 does!  She is 8 years old and still giving those youngsters a run for their money.  She looks incredible this year and is doing great.

 Summer 2012 update:

Marlyn is 7 years old already!  But she is still regal and beautiful and milking well.  She gave us a lovely daughter this year that we are keeping.

 Summer 2011 update:

Marlyn just gets better with age!  She is a wonderfully productive doe and gorgeous to look at.  Marlyn got her final LA score of 91EEEE.  That's a nice score for a very lovely doe.

 Summer 2010 update:

Marlyn continues to be a productive, attractive addition to the ranch.  She has matured very nicely and has blended her showy looks with our ranch work ethic.  A great combination.

 Summer 2009 update:

Marlyn has certainly shown us that she is not just another pretty show goat.  She kicked off the year by kidding with quadruplets, is making lots of milk for our cheese dairy, and has now earned a score of Excellent on her Linear Appraisal.  And let's face it - she just looks great out there on the range!

 Summer 2008 update:

We are thrilled to have Marlyn come to stay with us.  She is from Jacob's Pride in Tucson, AZ where she was on Debbie's show string.  Now she's going to strut her stuff here at the ranch and we are really looking forward to it.

Marlyn has her Superior Genetics title and is the mother of an ADGA Spotlight Sales buckling.  She is also the full sister to Bridget Bardoe, the high selling 2004 Spotlight doe ($4700) who went Jr. Grand Champion at the ADGA National Show the following year.  Marlyn has been awarded the title of Reserve Grand Champion four times.

Sire: SG Jacobs Pride Star Dancer  *+B, 87 VEV,  Sire of the 2005 National Jr. Champion

SS:  SG Crown*Point Edens Cloud Dancer +*B

SSS:  Faith Farm Eden's Testimony +B               

SSD:  Crown Point DTR Almost Eden 5*M

SD:  SGCH Jacobs Pride Bernice 7*M

SDS:  SGCH Will O The WIsp Red Rock +B, 90 VEE, Twice INBA All American

SDD:  SG Six M Galaxy Princess Jazmin 6*M,  Twice Top Ten Breed Leader in Milk             

 Dam: SGCH Jacob's Pride Blonde Bombshell  9*M, 91 EEEE, Dam of the 2005 National Jr. Champion

DS: SG Kastdemur's De Exhibitionist +*B, 90 EEV

DSS: Kastdemur's SWR Decadance +*B

DSD: Kastdemur's Crown Exotic 4*M

DD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Rock Crystal 8*M   90 EVEE

DDS: SGCH Will O The WIsp Red Rock +B, 90 VEE, Twice INBA All American

DDD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Yonina 7*M, 87 VEVV,   1999 Top Ten Doe Breed Leader in Milk              

Photos courtesy of Jacob's Pride



3 year old Marlyn on the ranch (above and below)


8 years old and still amazingly productive!

Marlyn as a 4 year old

Marlyn's retirement day (above), enjoying her retirement (below)