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6 year old Princess out browsing



Princess at 5 years old (3 pics above)


Princess at three years old

SG Black Mesa Poppy's Princess (THE Princess) 10*M
Born:  2/28/07

 ADGA #1431886

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

2013 USDA-DHIR Elite Doe - 95%

International Nubian Breeders Awards (INBA)
INBA Silver Milk Certificate (2011)
INBA Silver Milk Certificate (2012 BF and Protein)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2012 Milk)
INBA Top Milk Production by Age (2012)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2013 Milk and Protein)
INBA Silver Milk Certificate (2014)
INBA Excellence in Linear Appraisal Award
INBA Lifetime Achievement Award

Linear Appraisal Score:
83 VV++ at 1 year old
90 EEVE at 2 years old
86 VVVV at 3 years old
89 VEEV  at 4 years old
91 EEEE  at 5 years old

DHIR Milk Test Results:
Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2008 1-02 289 1645 5.7 88 5.3 62 3.8
2009 2-01 276 2010 7.3 100 5.0 77 3.8
2010 2-11 315 2550 8.1 131 5.1 95 3.7
2011 3-11 299 2960 9.9 133 4.5 110 3.7
2012 5-00 282 2590 9.2 109 4.2 92 3.6
2013 6-00 305 3170 10.4 137 4.3 117 3.7
2013Extended 405 3950 9.8 175 4.4 148 3.7
2013 Lactation Still in Progress

Spring 2014:

Princess has headed to a new home to be a foundation doe for a developing mini-Nubian herd. The easier life at a smaller place will be good for the old gal. But that doesn't mean that we won't miss her...A LOT.

Summer 2013:

The Princess is still going strong.  She is milking great and looking fine.  She looks much younger than a 6 year old.  It's hard to believe that she isn't still a youngster.

Princess earned her USDA Elite Doe title this year.

 Summer 2012:

Can Princess really be 5 years old already?  I still remember when she was a kid.  How fast time flies.  Princess got her final LA score of 91 EEEE.  She is a powerful, good looking doe that does a great job of putting milk in the pail.

 Summer 2011:

Princess is really cranking out the milk this year and making us work double time making cheese!.  She is taking her job seriously.  She is a beautiful, long doe, very dairy, and fun to have around.

 Summer 2010:

Princess is maturing nicely and doing well in the milking parlor.  She is a big contributor and a fun girl to hang around with.

 Summer 2009:

Princess is, indeed, growing into a beauty!  She earned her Superior Genetics title and milking star last year, scored as Excellent on this year's Linear Appraisal, is milking very well as a 2 year old, and she is looking good out there on her ranch.  Good looks and lots of production - what more could we want? 

 July 2008:

Princess still considers herself to be royalty at times but is content to also join the rest of the production crew for morning and evening milking.   She is growing well and looks like she will be a beauty.

 July 2007 update:

It didn't take this little girl long to let us know that she was royalty.  She was born screaming her demands.  She had to stay in the house for a couple days of pampering because she had been stressed during delivery.  During that time she demanded attention and special treatment.  Her mom, Poppy, is quite a regal girl so we guess it makes sense that the daughter is too.  THE Princess is a colorful, moon spotted kid with tons of potential.   


Princess at 6 weeks (2 pics above)

Sire: Black Mesa Sassy's Zippy  +*B, 87 V+E

SS: M's Sagebrush SDGV Aragon  +B      

SSS: Show-Down Granac's Vindicator *B

SSSS:  Fra-Jac's Gay Grady ++*B

SSSD:  GCH Show-Down Nacona Dancer 1*M

SSD:  Blue Thunder Aurora

SSDS:  *S Anin's Vagabond 2E CGS

SSDD:  GCH Blue Thunder Ace Ashley CGS    

SD: Reuel Stella's RY Sassafras 2*M, 88 VV+E

SDS: Reuel Rufus' J.J. Ryan +*B

SDSS:  SGCH Ladies Blue CMD Jesse James ++*B 

SDSD:  GCH Reuel Valentine's J Rufus 1*M            

SDD: Reuel Stacey's AM Stella 1*M

SDDS: Reuel Amanda’s J. Amon  +*B

SDDD: Reuel Shuni’s J.J. Stacey

Dam: SG Black Mesa Flash's Poppy 9*M, 91 EEEV, Elite Doe

DS: SG Ragels Ziegenhof Guajillo  +B

 DSS:  The Blue Thunder Tundra

DSSS:  *S Anin's Vagabond 2E CGS               

DSSD:  CH Blue Thunder Gaylynn (first place 2-year old at 2000 Canadian West National Show)

DSD:  Sunny-Haven Silkie

DSDS:  CH Sunny-Haven Sedona's Tampico

DSDD:  The New Song Ranch Spring

 DD: SG Jacob's Pride Yo Flasher  8*M, 2002 Top Ten Milk Production

DDS: SG Kastdemur's De Exhibitionist +*B

DDSS: Kastdemur's SWR Decadance +*B

DDSD: Kastdemur's Crown Exotic 4*M

DDD: GCH Jacob's-Pride Yonina 7*M,  1999 Top Ten Milk Production

DDDS: Homestead Golden Opportunity +*B

DDDD: Six-M-Galaxy Princess Jazmin 6*M, 1999 & 2001 Top Ten Doe Breed Leader in Milk

Princess at 2 years old (above and below)

Princess as a three year old


As a yearling


Her Highness at one day old





Princess at 4 years old (4 pics above)

The Goats At BMR

Senior Does


Junior Does