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Tally at 3 years old (2 pictures above)




 Yearling Tally  (4 pics above)


Tally at 3 months old (above and below)

SG Black Mesa Brill's Tally Ho (Tally) 11*M Elite Doe
Born 4/16/11

 ADGA # N1581977

CAE Status: Negative

G6S Status: Normal

ADGA Superior Genetics Award

2012 BMR Best First Freshener
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2012 USDA-DHIR Elite Doe - 99%
2013 USDA-DHIR Elite Doe - 99%
2014 USDA-DHIR Elite Doe - 99%

2013 Top Ten Breed Leader in Milk and Butterfat

 Linear Appraisal Score:
85 +VEV at 1 year old
84 ++VV at 3 years old

International Nubian Breeders Awards (INBA)
INBA Gold Milk Certificate (2014)
INBA Silver Milk Certificate (2014)
INBA Top Ten Award (2014 - for 2013 lactation)
INBA Bronze Milk Certificate (2015)

DHIR Milk Test Results:
Year Age Days in Milk Milk Lbs. Daily Milk Avg Fat Lbs. Fat % Pro Lbs. Pro %
2012 1-00 225 1830 8.1 75 4.1 62 3.4
2013 1-10 304 3420 11.3 170 5.0 126 3.7
2014 2-11 305 2680 8.8 109 4.1 93 3.5
2014Extended 447 3150 7.1 134 4.3 111 3.5

Summer 2015:

Tally has gone to the Sandplum Creek herd to work as a brood doe.

Summer 2014:

Congratulations to Tally for earning the title of Top Ten Breed Leader! She has proven herself to be one of the most productive Nubians in the country. Way to go, Tally!

Summer 2013:

It comes as no surprise that even at just 2 years old Tally is one of our powerhouse milkers.  She has a silky soft udder that the appraiser exclaimed over last year.  She is still a goofy baby at heart, but does a great job for us.

 Summer 2012:

Tally easily kidded with twin does and went right to work making milk.  She has a very soft, supple udder, and tremendous milk production.  She is still quite a baby though and loves to go out playing with her buddies once she is done in the milking parlor.

 Summer 2011:

Tally is a blending of our two bucks, Splash (her grandsire) and ExO (her sire).  Those fellas mixed with our Poppy genetics will make this girl one to watch.  OK, the lovely spots and friendly attitude help too.

Sire:   SG Goldthwaite Exotic Affair +*B, 86 VAV, ADGA Sire Development Program Buck, Elite Sire

SS:  SG Goldthwaite Bootonniere +*B, 90 VEE,  Elite Sire

SSS: Goldthwaite Blue Ridge  +*B           

SSD: SG Goldthwaite Mayaloka  5*M,   84 ++V+

 SSDS: Goldthwaite Black Magic +*B,  89 VEE

SSDD: Goldstrike Nubians Lakota 4*M

SD: SGCH  Goldthwaite Exotic Dancer 2*M,  90 VVVE

SDS: SG  Goldthwaite Merlin  ++*B, 89 EVV

SDSS:  SGCH Dear-Heart's "Omar" ++*B,  90 EEE

SDSD:  SGCH  Goldthwaite Lady Juliette  7*M,  90 VEEE

SDD: SG  Goldthwaite Exotica 1*M, 88 VVEV

SDDS: SGCH  Goldthwaite Lunar ++*B,  90 VEE

SDDD:  Goldthwaite Euphoria 

Dam: SG Black Mesa Poppy's Brillosa 10*M, 87+EEV, Elite Doe

DS: SG Six M Galaxy Make a Big Splash +*B,   84 ++V,Elite Sire, INBA Outstanding Sire Award

DSS: Six M Galaxy Leonardo *B,   2006 ADGA Sire Development Program Qualified Buck

DSSS: SG Six-M-Galaxy Galileo  +*B

DSSD: SG Six-M-Galaxy Red Sunrise  14*M,  88 VEEV,  2008 Elite Doe - 99%, 2007 Top Ten Breed Leader in Milk and Protein

DSD: SG Six M Galaxy Isabelle Darlene  11*M,  88 EVEV, 2008 Elite Doe - 99%

DSDS: Six M Galaxy Desmond  +*B,  87 VVE

DSDD: SG Six-M-Galaxy Galina Darlene  10*M,  90 EEEV Elite Doe, 2003 Top Ten Breed Leader in Milk and Protein

DD: SG Black Mesa Flash's Poppy 9*M, 91 EEEV, Elite Doe

DDS: SG Ragels Ziegenhof Guajillo  +B

DDSS:  The Blue Thunder Tundra

DDSD:  Sunny-Haven Silkie

 DDD: SG Jacob's Pride Yo Flasher  8*M, 2002 Top Ten Milk Production

DDDS: SG Kastdemur's De Exhibitionist +*B

DDDD: GCH Jacob's-Pride Yonina 7*M,  1999 Top Ten Milk Production

Tally at 6 months old (above and below)


 Young Tally (2 pics above)