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We have no goats at this time

We have dispersed our herd and will not have any more goats for sale. A big Thank You to all who have brought BMR goats into their lives. We have left these pages up for their entertainment and educational value. Enjoy!

Whether to get Wethers

Quite often when people decide to get some goats as pets, they assume that they want girl goats (who are called does). Usually this is because somewhere along the line they’ve heard that male goats are smelly. And, well, yes, INTACT male goats (called bucks) can get quite stinky, especially during rut season.

On the other hand, castrated males (called wethers) don’t have this odor. In fact, without looking at the goat's “private parts” you probably couldn’t tell a wether from a doe. We occasionally have several wethers that live with our does, and visitors never notice.

Wethers are sweet, friendly, even tempered, wonderfully playful fellas. They make great pets, pack goats, and companion animals. They are amazingly easy to care for – just like big, happy puppy dogs. Many goat breeders simply kill their male kids at birth because it is too inconvenient to find homes for them. We at Black Mesa Ranch don’t do that. We like to give all our goats a good chance at a great life. If you are looking for goats and don’t need the milk – get a couple wethers. They are much less expensive to buy than does and don’t get “goaty PMS” because of hormonal changes the way does can. Getting into goats couldn’t be easier or more fun than getting a pair of friendly, lovable wethers.

Wethers can be clowns
Wethers are affectionate
  Wethers are athletic
Wethers are good sports
Wethers are adventurous

Wethers make great packing companions