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Farmstead Artisan Candies

Simply The Best

Simple ingredients, simple packaging. Simply quality products made with ingredients you can trust.
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Our Candy Season Is Here!

Check out our fine selection below.

Butter Almond Toffee

This is the candy for which we are almost famous! Crispy, thick, incredibly fresh, traditional English-style butter & toasted almond toffee covered with dark, milk, or white chocolate then coated with even more toasted almonds. Simple, classic, perfection!

For Butter Almond Toffee ingredient information click here.

1/2 lb Box  $13.00   Flavor:     Quantity:     

1 lb Box  $20.00    Flavor:     Quantity:     

2 lb Box  $32.00    Flavor:     Quantity:     

Gourmet Chocolate Sampler

Our Gourmet Chocolate Sampler is the perfect way to celebrate the season.

Chocolate truffles are often referred to as the “King of Candies”, and rightly so.  We use only the finest ingredients including exquisite Belgian chocolate, sweet butter, and authentic flavorings, plus (of course) the freshest cream.

The assortments will include at least 5 of the following candies:   Bittersweet Double Dark Truffles, Milk Chocolate Truffles, Mexican Vanilla Truffles, Caramels, Outrageous Orange Jelly, Key Lime Truffles, and Coconut Cream Truffles.  These candies are made by hand and carefully shaped before being individually dipped in Belgian chocolate.

The 15 piece box is approximately 12 oz, 24 piece box is approximately 18 oz, and 48 piece box is approximately 36 oz. For Sampler ingredient information click here.

If you have some favorites from those listed above that you'd like to be sure are included, please let us know in the comment section of the Market Basket.

Box of 6 Chocolate Sampler  $8.00       Quantity:     

Box of 15 Chocolate Sampler  $13.00       Quantity:     

Box of 24 Chocolate Sampler  $20.00        Quantity:     

Box of 48 Chocolate Sampler $32.00       Quantity:     

Vanilla Bean Caramels

These incredible confections are made in very small batches. The caramel is constantly hand-stirred as it cooks slowly over an open flame to exactly the right consistency before being poured out to cool. The caramels are then carefully hand cut and individually dipped in molten bittersweet Belgian chocolate.

The 15 piece box is approximately 12 oz, 24 piece box is approximately 18 oz, and 48 piece box is approximately 36 oz.

For Caramel ingredient information click here.

15 Piece box $13.00     Quantity:    

24 Piece box $20.00    Quantity:    

48 Piece box $32.00     Quantity:    

Arizona Desert Tortoises

Arizona-grown pecans smothered in our own Vanilla Bean Caramel and topped with Belgian milk chocolate. Some people may call them Turtles, but we know better.  The 12 piece box is approximately 3/4 pound.

For AZ Tortoise ingredient information click here.

6 Piece box  $13.00    Quantity:    

12 Piece box  $20.00    Quantity:    

24 Piece box $32.00     Quantity:    

Spiced Pecans

We take the finest, freshest, Arizona Grown mammoth pecan halves, lightly toast them, coat them in one of our special sweet spice blends (Cinnamon Spice, Orange Spice, or Chipotle Spice), then toast them some more for a crisp snacking treat. They are all delicious and our Orange Spiced Pecans even won first place at the 2017 Arizona State Fair!

For ingredient information click here.

8 oz. Bag $12.00  Flavor:     Quantity:     

2 oz. Bag $3.50  Flavor:     Quantity:     

Goat's Milk Fudge

We've finally developed a Fudge worthy of making with our girls' precious milk!  A "real deal" cooked fudge (not one of those marshmallow fluff wannabe's).  Really great stuff!

Our Walnut Fudge is the traditional chocolate confection studded with walnuts, but our Scovie Award winning Fudge On Fire! is a spicy chocolate fudge made with locally grown Concho chiles giving it a wonderful full flavored zing and pecan crunch. Our Belgian Chocolate Fudge is just like our Walnut Fudge but without any nuts.

Available in 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, and 1 pound fudge boxes, or 12 pound blocks which are great for big parties.  It also freezes well for storage.

Our fudge is award winning! 

  • 2018 Scovies - Our Fudge On Fire won! (So did our Chiles and Chocolate Fudge Sauce)
  • 2017Arizona State Fair - all three fudge flavors took first place in their categories. (Our fudge sauces also won!)
  • American Dairy Goat Association competition Bronze medal winner (Tucson, AZ.) in the Confections Category

For ingredient information click here.

1 lb Box of Fudge $19.00    Flavor:     Quantity:     

1/2 lb Box of Fudge $10.00    Flavor:     Quantity:     

1/4 lb Box of Fudge $6.00    Flavor:     Quantity:     

12 lb Block of Fudge $125.00   Flavor:    Quantity:     

Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauces

Our Goats Milk Fudges have become such a huge hit that we just had to build on their popularity so David created two very special, all-natural “No Funny Ingredients” fudge sauces!

Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce: Deep rich chocolate flavor in a thick sauce that is perfect for spooning, hot or cold, over ice cream, berries or as a topping on just about any dessert. This great sauce won first place at the 2017 Arizona State Fair!

Chiles & Chocolate Fudge Sauce: Our awesome Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce but with a bit of a kick from an infusion with locally grown Concho chiles. This spicy sauce won first place at the 2018 Scovie Awards in the Sweet Heat Sauce category, it also won second place at the 2017 Arizona State Fair (our Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce took the first place ribbon).

For ingredient information click here.

11.2 oz Jar $11.00    Flavor:      Quantity:

BMR Gift Bags

Looking for a unique gift? Here’s a really great, ready-to-go assortment that includes:

1 - quarter pound of our Dark Chocolate Walnut Fudge
1 - quarter pound of our Dark Chocolate Fudge with no nuts
1 - quarter pound of our Dark Chocolate Fudge on Fire
1 - two oz. bag of our Orange Spiced Pecans
1 - two oz. bag of our Spicy Chipotle Pecans
1 - two oz. jar of our Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce
1 - five oz. jar of our Hot Chile Chocolate Fudge Sauce
All 7 items are arranged in a custom BMR craft bag.

This is a $35.00 value for only $25.00. Now that's a good deal!

BMR Gift Bag $25.00          Quantity:

All About Shipping

We have NO MINIMUM ORDER and offer FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all web orders of $100 or more. We ship via USPS Priority Mail or ground United Parcel Service. Expedited shipping is available at extra cost. Please contact David for pricing.

Shipping charges applied to orders totaling under $100 are based on shipping weight and destination. PLEASE make sure that you have selected the correct state on the main market basket page for where your order is being SHIPPED.  Shipping costs are calculated from this selection.  Errors in selection may result in either overcharges for shipping OR delays in shipping if we need to contact you for payment of additional shipping costs.

Shipping of our products is available only within the continental USA without special arrangements.

Call us at (928) 536-7759 with any questions or send an email to

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