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Farmstead Artisan Goat Cheeses and Candies

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Fresh Goat Cheese    

This is the cheese that most people mean when they say “goat cheese” or “chèvre”. This cheese’s simple and straight forward preparation allows all the clean fresh flavors of our fine, pure, high-desert-mountain milk to come through. Sometimes described as tasting similar to a “highly flavored cream cheese” this slightly tangy, sweet and fresh-tasting cheese is one of the most versatile cheeses in the world.

From being simply spread on crackers or crusty bread as a light lunch or snack to its use in salads, or inclusion in pasta dishes, or even as the main ingredient in luscious cheese cakes – our Fresh Goat Cheese will lend a unique, special character to the dish.

Black Mesa Ranch Fresh Goat Cheese logs are available in the following flavors: Plain, Coated in Fine Herbs, Rolled in Jalapeno, and Rolled in Chipotle (smoked red jalapenos).

Plain Fresh Cheese Ingredients:  Pasteurized 100% goats’ milk, cheese culture, rennet, salt.

 Gold medal winner Fresh Unripened Cheese (Professional division) American Dairy Goat Association national competition 2004 (Albuquerque, NM.) and Silver medal in 2005 (Kansas City, MO).  Gold medal winner for Flavored Savory Soft Cheese for our Herb blend ( Tucson, AZ) and Silver medal winner for Flavored Savory Soft Cheese for our Chipotle ( Tucson, AZ)

Fresh Goat Cheese Logs 

$10.00 each (6 oz net weight)   Flavor:         Quantity:    

Fresh Goat Cheese Log 4-pack

$32.00 each (24 oz net weight)  Flavor:    Quantity:     

Fresh Goat Cheese 4 pound Tub

Buy like our restaurant chef customers do!  A convenient and economical 4 lb tub pack for use in recipes, etc.

$72.00 each (4 lb net weight)   Available in Plain (unflavored) only  Quantity:    

Goats Milk Feta

This classic, Mediterranean-style Feta is made from rich, full cream goat milk, cultured and brine-ripened in the old-world style, producing a firm, tangy cheese, ideal for adding to salads, omelets and stir-fried meals.

We sell our Feta 3 ways: Plain (in brine); Marinated with olive oil with sundried tomatoes and basil and; marinated with extra virgin olive oil with garlic and hot peppers.

Plain Feta Ingredients:  Pasteurized 100% goats’ milk, cheese culture, rennet, salt.

American Dairy Goat Association national competitions (professional division): 

Plain 2004 Silver medal winner (Albuquerque, NM.) and 2005 Bronze medal (Kansas City, MO) in the Brine-Cured Feta Category. 

Feta with Garlic and Hot Peppers: 2004 Gold medal winner (Albuquerque, NM.), 2005 Bronze medal (Kansas City, MO) in the Marinated Cheese Category. 

Feta with Sundried Tomatoes and Basil: 2010 Bronze medal winner (Tucson, AZ.) in the Flavored Feta Cheese Category

Goats Milk Feta $20.00 per pound

Size: 1 Lb.   Flavor:       Quantity:      

Goats Milk Feta $10.00 per half pound

Size: 1/2 Lb.      Flavor:       Quantity:      

BMR Boule    

Our Boule is an original artisan cheese developed by us at Black Mesa Ranch to showcase some the exceptional characteristics of our fine, rich milk. Each hand-made Boule (which means “ball”) is gently shaped from lightly cultured, warm cheese curds then quickly cooled to preserve the fresh taste. This creamy cheese, that is good for just eating, is also an outstanding melty cooking cheese. Boule makes a terrific pizza or try it melted over chicken parmesan, blended with slightly sharper cheese and put on nachos.  Try it broiled on some good crusty French bread with a few snips of fresh basil and sundried tomatoes!

Boule Ingredients:  Pasteurized 100% goats’ milk, cheese culture, rennet, salt.

Three times Gold medal winner Italian-Style/ pasta filata Cheese (Professional division) American Dairy Goat Association competition 2005 (Kansas City, MO), 2008 (Rohnert Park, CA), 2010 (Tucson, AZ).
Highlighted in "The Atlas of American Artisan Cheese" by Jeffrey P. Roberts

Boule (approximately 1 lb) $20.00 each   Quantity:   

Baby Boule (approximately 1/2 lb) $12.00 each   Quantity:   

Spiced Pecans

We take the finest, freshest, Arizona Grown fancy pecan halves, lightly toast them, toss them in our special spice blend of cocoa and spices, then toast them some more for a crisp snacking treat.

Sweet Cinnamon Spiced Pecans ingredients: Arizona Grown Pecans, cane sugar, cocoa powder, spices, egg.

Hot Chipotle Spiced Pecans ingredients: Arizona Grown Pecans, cane sugar, cocoa powder, spices, chipotle, egg.

NEW!! Orange Spiced Pecans ingredients: Arizona Grown Pecans, cane sugar, orange juice and zest, egg, spices, orange oil.

1/2 lb Bag $12.00  Flavor:     Quantity:     

1 lb Bag $20.00     Flavor:     Quantity:     

2 lb Bag $35.00     Flavor:     Quantity:     

Goats Milk Caramel Sauce

(Cajeta/Dulce de Leche)

Our new Goats Milk Caramel sauce is a delicious, thick caramel sauce/topping/dip made from fresh Goats Milk (from our own herd of Nubian goats, of course), cane sugar, creamery butter, pure vanilla and salt.  No HFCS or added artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.   Try it over berries or ice cream, as a dip for apple slices or cookies, or use as a sweetener for your coffee!

Sold in 12-oz net weight glass jars or 64 oz tubs for those great ice cream socials.

Goats’ Milk Caramel ingredients: Goats’ Milk, cane sugar, butter, vanilla, salt.

12 oz Jar $14.00      Quantity:

64 oz Tub $48.00   Quantity:

Goats' Milk Fudge

We've finally developed a Fudge worthy of making with our girls' precious milk!  A "real deal" cooked fudge (not one of those marshmallow fluff wannabe's).  Really great stuff!

Our Original Fudge is the traditional chocolate confection studded with walnuts, but our Fudge On Fire! is a spicy chocolate fudge made with locally grown Concho chiles giving it a wonderful full flavored zing and pecan crunch. Our Belgian Chocolate Fudge is just like our Original Fudge but without any nuts.

Available in 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, and 1 pound fudge boxes, or 12 pound blocks which are great for big parties.  It also freezes well for storage.

American Dairy Goat Association competition Bronze medal winner (Tucson, AZ.) in the Confections Category

Original Fudge ingredients: Cane sugar, butter, goats’ milk, walnuts, Belgian cocoa, vanilla, and salt.
Belgian Chocolate Fudge ingredients: Cane sugar, butter, goats’ milk, Belgian cocoa, vanilla, and salt (No Nuts).
Fudge On Fire ingredients: Cane sugar, butter, goats’ milk, Arizona-Grown Pecans, Belgian cocoa, vanilla, Concho Arizona hot chilies, cinnamon, and salt.

1 lb Box of Fudge $19.00    Flavor:     Quantity:     

1/2 lb Box of Fudge $10.00    Flavor:     Quantity:     

1/4 lb Box of Fudge $6.00    Flavor:     Quantity:     

12 lb Block of Fudge $125.00   Flavor:    Quantity:     

Our Seasonal Candies Will Be Available Again In October 2017!


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